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“Ok, well we won’t do that one again!”

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July 5, 2012

“Ok, well we won’t do that one again!”

Those were the words spoken by Lee and Dave when they completed the “Slacker” half marathon in Colorado a couple of weeks ago.  They hurt.  Lee pulled a hamstring and Dave was physically spent.  They had been temporarily deceived by the beauty of the mountains and the slight slope of the terrain.  It was all downhill after a few miles: literally, physically, mentally.









But they did it.  Three down!  An in an effort to keep his commitment, as well, Paul ran his own half marathon: The Paul Anderson Invitational.

He said it was close, but he had a decent placing.  He should have – he was the only participant.







Lee, Kelsey and I then took off to Denver to attend First Descents Summer Solstice party Saturday night.  It was hosted at a beautiful residence and there were many FD friends in attendance.  The guest speaker was Shanda “Limbo” Braithwaite.  She was introduced by her mother and my tears rolled as I could empathize with her words one thousand percent.  Shanda’s speech was of particular interest to me as she has the surgery Nick was to have in January, 2011 – the “shake & bake” procedure.  This was going to be done by an oncology surgeon specializing in cancer in the appendix (Shanda’s original diagnosis).  Unfortunately, Nick’s cancer grew faster than our coordination of doctors.  Fortunately, Shanda’s life was extended.  She presented her story with radiant confidence and beauty.

To view her speech, click here:  (Third Row, Middle Column)

It was another successful evening with First Descent!

Lee was committed to a few items of business through the week while Kelsey’s team ultimately played through to championship day, taking third in their bracket  – fantastic!

Next week I will update which half marathon Lee, Dave & Paul will be participating in for the month of July.  I will continue to cheer on Kelsey as she has four more major tournaments coming up in the next five weeks.  We are starting to focus on the upcoming 5th Annual Wacky Warriors Charity Softball Tournament coming up September 7th & 8th.  It is going to be a blast!

Go Wacky Warriors!

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