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From “slacker” to over-achiever…

Wacky Wednesdays

July 18, 2012

Lee, Dave & Paul are giving it their all towards their vision of completing a half marathon per month through to the “Goofy” event in Orlando in January.  The last race, “Slacker Half Marathon” just about did in both Lee & Dave.  Paul was smart in running his own local “invitational”.  Dave caught on and went to Newport Beach to continue his training/recovery.  Lee, however, thought it would be a good idea to take a fast paced jog/hike up in our local mountains to give his hamstring a break.  It was a good idea until he started back down and he subsequently got caught up in his thoughts when a large tree root grabbed his foot and slammed his face into the ground.

As he sheephisly walked through the door at home, he tried to explain how it was an unfortunate accident.  We both know it is God’s way of telling him to slow down before he really gets hurt.  I am so thankful he wears his accident id wristband so that the next time someone has to cart him off to ER, they will be able to give the medics his basic information.

Ok, so no jogging.  How about riding the awesome tandem bike that we got last year?  It has the WACKY logo all over it and is a first class road bike.  We are still struggling with being able to click our feet in and out of the pedals, but you have to practice, right?  After cleaning up the blood and applying band aides where needed, we took off on another exercise excursion.  Honestly, it takes longer to load the bike, gear, water, helmets, bike kit, phone, etc. than it does to actually ride on the trail.  We were approaching a small, although very steep hill, when Lee desperately tried to downshift.  He couldn’t figure it out in time so had to rely on his thighs, which is perfect for me since he is so strong.  Not so perfect for his tender hamstring.  Lee cramped up and promptly jumped off the bike, ultimately throwing me and my still clipped in feet to the paved bike path.  We now have matching knees.

I need to get an id wrist band, too.  And I’m not even running half marathons.  I need to remember to stay out of the way when God is trying to send Lee a message.  That and keep the car running as we head towards ER….  again….

Next marathon for Lee, Dave & Paul is the Timpanogos Half Marathon in American Fork on July 28th.  Properly medicated, they will be there.  You can’t miss them.  I’m totally giving them a much harder time than they deserve, but for now I can outrun Lee so it’s ok.  But seriously, Lee amazes me and I’m very proud of his perseverance!  Til then, stay WACKY!

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