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2009 Sarcoma Awareness Walk


July 25, 2009

The 2009 Sarcoma Awareness Walk

Jordanelle State Park
July 25th , 2009

We first became involved with the Team Sarcoma Initiative in 2007 when Nick was in the middle of his treatment. This is an international event, with the core group going on a bike tour in different parts of the world each year. Our local community event is organized through some of the staff at the Huntsman Cancer Institute. Rather than a bike tour, we opt for a barbeque at Jordanelle State Park with a short and sweet walk. Many oncologists, oncology nurses, cancer fighters and survivors attend. For Nick’s Warriors, this is NOT a FUND raising event – strictly an AWARENESS raising event and an opportunity to visit and share with everyone related to sarcoma. Nick is a welcome sight at these barbeques because he is a survivor!

Food and drinks are provided; however, you are welcome to bring a boat, jet skis, or any other water toys for more fun in the water. The more people that come, the more media coverage we can use to raise awareness and honor the caregivers, medical staff, supports and the actual ones dealing with sarcoma. It makes for a fun day in the sun!

Original “Nick’s Warriors” in 2007
The Entire Group in 2007
2008 event included Nick’s
Oncologist, Dr. Chen (we love her)


Here is some more information about the Team Sarcoma Initiative:

8,000 People Join the Team Sarcoma Initiative to Fight a Rare Cancer

“From its humble beginnings in 2003, when seven people who called themselves “Team Sarcoma ” biked 200 miles in Louisiana , the Team Sarcoma Initiative has become an international movement. More than 8,000 people worldwide participated in this year’s Initiative, surpassing the 3,400 who participated last year. Events in 14 countries were hosted by individuals, advocacy groups and medical centers seeking to raise awareness of sarcoma, a cancer that affects hundreds of thousands of people worldwide.” …

For the complete press release, see . You may know some of the patients, survivors, caregivers and physicians that are quoted in it.

For the list of all the organizations involved, see

For a list of all the events that took place, see

You might also be interested in two earlier press releases that give additional perspectives on this effort both of which also contain quotations from a number of patients, survivors, caregivers and physicians.

1. Medical Centers and Concerned Groups Unite in the International Team Sarcoma Initiative :

2. Patients, Survivors, and Caregivers Worldwide Band Together to Fight a Rare Cancer :


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