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2009 Country Music / SL Marathons


April 18, 2009

The 1st Annual Cancer Charity Marathon

Country Music Marathon
April 25, 2009


We did it… all for Nick. Here is a portion of Lori’s entry in Nick’s blog… that discribes the day. Read the whole blog entry here:

“There was tremendous support along the entire route – bands playing, people with signs, cheerleaders, neighbors with sprinklers (some even with cinnamon rolls) and watering stations. Funny tee shirt on a very large woman that read, “Does this shirt make me look fast?” I noticed a runner with a “Cure Childhood Cancer” tee shirt on and when I asked her what she was running for, she said for her 9 year-old daughter who was fighting cancer for the 3rd time. I asked what kind of cancer and she said “Rhabdo”. “I’m a rhabdo mom!” I said. Kinda cool to have a kindred spirit amongst the 35,000 runners.”
– Lori Brower

See all the pictures in the Gallery

Salt Lake Marathon
April 18, 2009

“Nick, thanks for letting me run for you… it was hard, but nothing compared to what you are going through” Read the whole blog entry here:
– Dave Sheffield.

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