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April 25, 2012

On Saturday, April 21st, Ashley, Paul, Lee and Dave took off in the early morning in Salt Lake City to participate in the Salt Lake City half marathon race.  One down and only eight to go!  All four have committed to running the “Wacky Goofy” series of half marathons, capping off the last race in Orlando, Florida in January.  Ashley, if you are just now reading this, please talk to your dad (Paul) immediately – he has something to talk to you about!  All four posted respectable times and are looking forward to the Ogden City half marathon on May 19th.  Note: this is very, very easy for me to write about as my only contribution to running a half marathon is to wait at the finish line with my camera and cheers.  And I like it that way.

                             Ashley, Paul, Lee & Dave

Speaking of the Ogden City event, I’ve finally pulled my head out of the sand and have started the effort in getting a Wacky team together for the 5k on May 19th. Just to be clear – we WALK, not run, so that we don’t miss any funny stories.  So far, there are 5 participants in the half marathon (sold out in hours) and I have myself, Carly & Kelsey registered for the 5k.  The plan is to visit our home on May the 18th for an informal dinner – probably around 7:00 p.m. after you have picked up your participant packet at the Union Station in Ogden.  Be sure to stop by and visit our Wacky booth at the expo!  At the dinner, I will have official Wacky running shirts to purchase if you want to wear it for the 5k.  This is really the only fundraising us 5k’ers will be doing (Lee has his own thing going – see video posted on April 18th).  Dinner is optional, of course, and you just need to let me know if you want a shirt before the race and we’ll make some other arrangements.

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