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The good, the bad and the busy…

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May 23, 2012

I’m thinking I wanted this week to be especially busy as we are approaching Nick’s 1st anniversary.  I would much rather stay in my most wonderful, comfortable bed snuggled in my down comforter, but it is not to be (this week anyway…).  Let’s recap:

The team of Wacky Warriors hit the pavement for the Ogden Marathon event on Saturday (half marathon and 5k).  On Friday, we had a booth at the Fun & Fitness Expo and we got to see thousands of participants wander by – all excited for the big day.  It was personally impactful for me as I noticed a gentleman purchasing some Wacky Wear (soon to be available online).  He saw me and asked, “Are you Lori?”  I acknowledged and he quickly shook my hand and exclaimed, “I’m so happy to meet you! I am very sorry for your loss and I have read your blog!”  I asked how he knew Nick and he admitted he had read Nick’s obituary which lead him to the blog.  He said that if he has a bad day, he goes back to the blog for perspective.  Wow. Very humbling – thank you, Kevin Charles, for reaching out to me (his kids wore their Wacky pins during the Kid’s K).  I also got to hug an oncology nurse (aka an angel) and high fived several cancer survivors.  Loved it!

The Wacky runners appeared to have a blast participating; I try not to be presumptuous in saying that those running 13.1 miles are having a good time; I certainly wouldn’t call it a good time.  Again, very humbling to see Nick’s best friends and my best friends show up again (and again, and again) to support his legacy.  Thank you all that came out to support Wacky!  Enjoy the pictures:

[flagallery gid=2 name=Gallery]


Then our family, along with several close friends, took off to Salt Lake City to celebrate Carly’s 21st birthday.  Goodness – 21 already?  Fun night!  Perfect way to end a perfect day!  Many dove into the birthday cake as a reward for running; I dove in because it was cake.

Sunday brought reality to the forefront as we received news our young friend and neighbor, Tyler Smith, earned his wings earlier that morning.  Please visit his website.  I am relieved to know he is now pain and disease free, yet the empathetic sorrow I feel for his mom brought me to my knees.  Tyler will be laid to rest at the same cemetery Nick resides so I have a mental image of Nick giving Tyler a high five and embrace, welcoming him to heaven.  Cute boys.  Stupid cancer.

Tuesday was Kelsey’s high school softball end-of-year party.  I LOVE to host parties so we had the entire team with parents over to our home and we had a blast.  The favorite moment for me is watching the girls react to the video I prepared that included pictures taken throughout the season.  The coach did a terrific job recapping the season, highlighting each player individually for their respective attributes.  Kelsey also passed her driver’s test and will be able to get her license on her birthday next month.  Yay!

Tonight Kelsey and I are volunteering for our neighborhood “Love Soup” dinner.  Our neighbor started this foundation which offers those struggling (single mom’s, unemployed, disabled, etc.) to have a nice bowl of soup, roll, drink and dessert served at a local church every Wednesday evening.  More importantly, we are getting to know each one another – “Together we’re better!”

Friday will be bittersweet; we will attend Tyler’s funeral.  Stupid cancer.  Then Kelsey’s softball season begins again with her competitive team, the Bukoos, in the Icebreaker tournament.  We have really missed having the team play together while high school softball took precedence.  Now we are back in our own comfort zone and we can’t wait!

Saturday – more softball with a break to celebrate the birthday of our grandson, Alex.  More cake!

Sunday – Lee and I take off to be camp parents at the rock climbing camp with First Descents in Moab, Utah.  There will be 13 young adult survivors (stupid cancer) and we will help with meals (no cake) and miscellaneous support for the week.  I am so excited!  Somewhere during this week we will do the Costco run to bring supplies for the entire camp.  I’m thinking I’ll find some more cake somehow.

And for my last item to consider – Memorial Day is Monday so we will stop by to visit Nick this weekend (stupid cancer).  I’d like to give a big shout out to all the Wacky Warriors – you’ve made this a year of healing and of giving.  You have all served Nick’s memory with sincere love and commitment to the cause – all with a flair of craziness!   I am so very grateful and blessed, as are the “kids and young adults” that benefit from Wacky’s donations to find a cure for those fighting and to find healing adventures for those that are surviving.

Have a good week!

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