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“The Cost of Hope”

Wacky Wednesdays

October 24, 2013

Last weekend’s Edward Jones Wacky Weekend in Dallas, Texas was a blast!  I will have a better post about it all as soon as I have pictures (they are coming soon!).

As I’m diving back into work this week, I finally found the time to watch a 15 minute TED Talk given by Amanda Bennett, a Pulitzer Prize winning journalist.  Her talk, “The Cost of Hope” not just pulled on my heart strings, but shredded them to pieces.  As she describes her husband’s journey with cancer, I am acutely aware of the parallels to Nick’s journey.   Amanda describes the power of living (and dying) with HOPE and her message was very healing for me.  Nick and I never said goodbye, either, because we embraced HOPE rather than death.  I have had many sleepless nights wondering if we were wrong in not verbalizing the inevitable; this talk silenced those lingering doubts.

May HOPE bless you all.

One thought on ““The Cost of Hope””

  • Jay

    Hey Mom,
    Life is a constant experiment.
    It is impossible to be wrong.
    It is only possible to BE.

    You, Mom, were, and are, all the Mom you could and can be.

    You give LOVE.
    can’t beat that!



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