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2011 Wacky Outlaws Triathlon


October 27, 2011


The 2nd Annual Key West Triathlon

December 3, 2011

Patrick Sitkins, his brother-in-law, Sean Herlihy and father-in-law, Tom Herlihy, raced in the 2nd Annual Key West Triathlon on December 3rd,  2011 ( ). They ran as WACKY OUTLAWS in support of The American Outlaws, a US Soccer Support Group.

In Patrick’s own words before the race:

Hi Lee & Lori.

I  want to tell you how sorry I was to hear about Nick’s passing. Even though I never met him, he has inspired me tremendously. Wacky Warriors and the entire ‘feel’ of the organization certainly seems to celebrate his life.

TRIKW is Triathlon Key West. Last year was the first year that they did this, and it was amazing. I will be racing again this  year and my father-in-law & brother-in-law will be joining me. I have convinced them (not that it was hard) to do a Wacky Team with me.  We will be doing “Wacky Outlaws” after The American Outlaws, a US Soccer  Support Group. I am the local Jacksonville Membership Chairman. This
organization has over 4,500 members. My hope is that they will help promote wacky.

In Tom Herlihy’s (Pat’s father-in-law) words, after the race:

The  first inclination I had when you and Dianne were coaxing me to “try” this, was, “you gotta be nuts.  I’m a few years away from 60 and not
really in the kind of shape I would like to be in to do this.” (yes, round is a shape 🙂 )

But my desire for a challenge took over and I got into a self-made training program. What also did this for me, was the prospect of doing something external of myself…..and this equated to the Wacky Warriors fund raiser.  After talking to you for a bit about Nick, and how this all got started, that was really the turning point for me to get on with it.  It also made me think about others who have been affected by cancer…..loosing very close friends like Pops and Pup (college buddies); family, my mom; and seeing what cancer survivors like my sister Linda (two times) go through.

With the wrist bands you provided, I oft times wore multiple bands during my training sessions on both wrists with names I would  inscribe on them….yes, Nick’s name was one of them.  If I was on a run, or swimming, or biking, I would have those bands to remind me that, those
that died or survived, they never gave up.  That was my mantra too….don’t give up.  Yes, I was tired at times or did not even want to lace up to go run, but again, I thought, they did not give up.  And how lucky and blessed I am to be able to do this….for them.

As I was on my last mile of the race (and at my slooow pace, had plenty of time to reflect), I did summarize in my mind why I was there.  Yes, to be part of our family to do this and have fun, re-visit the Keys and see old friends, get myself in better shape, and primarily, raise some
money for cancer research.  I thought about those people that I contacted to contribute what a debt of gratitude we owe for their generosity.

– Tom Herlihy

Thanks to Pat, Tom, and Sean… your true “Wacky Outlaws”.


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One thought on “2011 Wacky Outlaws Triathlon”

  • Raleigh Macklin

    My best wishes to the “wacky outlaws” for a very successful triathlon for a very good cause! Raleigh & Marilyn


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