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Our Policy

Overall Policy

It is the policy of The Empowered Wealth Foundation to maintain complete transparency in its pricing for any and all events and products offered by The Empowered Wealth Foundation.

No Hidden Costs

The Empowered Wealth Foundation only uses flat-rate pricing and prohibits adding any additional costs to any of our services after customer has registered for a training/event. The Empowered Wealth Foundation’s policy prohibits all pricing methods except flat-rate for all trainings, events, and products offered by The Empowered Wealth Foundation.


The Empowered Wealth Foundation’s refund policy is “100% satisfaction or 100% refund!” The Empowered Wealth Foundation promises to resolve all customer complaints to customer’s complete satisfaction, including a full refund if necessary. A refund must be requested within 30 days of the donation.


Any inquiries regarding The Empowered Wealth Foundation’s fair pricing and/or refund policies should be brought to the attention of: Lori Brower, at; phone (801) 397-3300; fax (801) 397-3301; 222 South Main Street Ste 500, Salt Lake City, Utah 84101.

A copy of a full Privacy Policy can be downloaded here.

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