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June 19, 2012

I am very proud to say my husband, Lee, is my champion slacker. Dave, Lee’s partner in crime and our office controller, is also a slacker. Lee and Dave have successfully completed two half marathons as part of their commitment to Wacky Warriors. They pledged to run a half marathon for TEN consecutive months beginning this past April and will finish off in Orlando, Florida this coming January running the “Goofy” event. They have selected Georgetown, Colorado, for their third half marathon, called “The Slacker.”

It got it’s name because the race is downhill for about 2,000 feet in the Rocky Mountains. Oh boy.  We will all meet together Friday night in Georgetown and the race will begin Saturday morning on June 23rd. Dave’s wife will join Kelsey and I as cheerleaders. (I still question daily as to why we can’t have something like a bowling tournament; why does it always have to involve running?  I hate running.  But I sure admire and respect those that do it!)

Another Wacky Warrior out there running around is Paul Anderson (and office co-conspirator), who also completed two half marathons with Lee & Dave.  Paul has taken his running gear with him on a 15 state bus trip across the heartland of America with is daughter and about 100 high school students.  They are learning about and visiting sites  that are significant in US history, as well as their church history.  While on this trip, Paul continues his dedication to the Wacky cause running in Nebraska, Pennsylvania, Vermont, New York, Kentucky and many other states.  Here is his smiling face:


I wonder what state he will be wishing we were hosting a bowling tournament instead, too?

Click here to learn more about this crazy endeavor and if you would like to support Lee, Dave & Paul in their running efforts for Wacky.   Click here to watch a video of Lee personally inviting you to be a “Slacker” too.

Updates with more pictures to follow next week!  Thanks everyone, but especially to my three favorite Wacky Warriors!

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